Canyons and crater lake

Pinatubo Canyons : Lahar canyons were created by erosion. The river bed was filled with lahar (mud, ashes and volcanic rocks). Hiking will also be an opportunity to see some unique rock formations. You will also cross several rivers.

mt. pinatubo hike

Mount Pinatubo Crater lake : Why is it so blue ? The crater lake has an amazing turquoise color. This color is the result of the chemical reaction of the water's volcanic minerals with the lake's blue-green algae. Sometimes the color of the lake changes, it will go brown or green and then back to blue. Can we swim in the crater lake ? Yes, one of the highlights of the tour is enjoying the cool and refreshing water of the crater lake. And what better way to do that than to swim in its turquoise colored reservoir. It's also possible to have a boat ride and cross the lake to reach the other shore, which will allow you to have a breathtaking view on the entire crater.

pinatubo crater day trip