TRIPinas other destinations

Check TRIPinas other destinations:

- We organize group tours and private Sagada tours to visit one of the highlight of any visit to the Philippines. Our package is a 3 days two nights trip. It includes the transfer from Manila, the hotel nights and the tour itself as well as a side trip to Banaue.

Our Mt. Pulag tour is a shared group trip. Trek the highest peak of Luzon! You can rent the gears (like the tent as you will be camping) and get the food from us. You will be assisted by professional mountaineers during the hike.

- We offer private or group trips for our overnight camping adventure in Zambales. You will be camping on the beach and sail to Capones island on day two.

- Would you like to visit another volcano? We offer several trails for our tour to Taal volcano. The package also includes a side trip to Tagaytay.

- Private tours to either shoot the rapids or do the vertical trek. We organize a budget friendly Pagsanjan falls tour with or without transfer.