Accommodation at the base camp

You may want to spend overnight at the base camp of Mount Pinatubo for several good reasons:
- You do not want to wake up early to drive from Manila or other areas until the base.
- You don't feel like driving after the hike as you will be probably tired.
- You would like to enjoy the other activities that we offer on site.
- You would like to have a side trip on the day before or after

We have a basic accommodation with two rooms. 
One double (two people capacity) and one quad (four people capacity). As we understand that most visitors are on a budget, these are basic but clean rooms with mattresses. It has fans (soon air-conditioner but not yet as of today) and a simple bathroom.  

You will enjoy the nature around with a spectacular sunrise and sunset on the largest ash field in the world.  No restaurants around but do not worry we provide full board meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner.)

What do to in the area (except the trek to the crater lake)?
- Ride an ATV. For those who are not familiar with it, it is an all-terrain vehicle, size of a small motorbike but with 4 wheels. You will drive it yourself on the lahar field. It is pure fun!
- Go for kayaking on a nearby lake
- You can also decide to go to the beach

How to reserve?
Contact us through the inquiry form or through email ( We will let you know if it is available and give you the rate.