Preparing for a hike

Read these tips to prepare for a Hike

1. Decide where you want to go and do you homework. Your decision should be based on a number of considerations including, but not limited to, your current level of experience and fitness, whether you will be hiking alone or with a group, time of the year, recent weather patterns, expected distance to be covered, expected period to cover said distance and difficulty of terrain.

2. Analyse expected terrain. There are a lot of books and online reasources now that are available that can help would-be hikers on preparing themselves for their adventure. Look for information on distance, estimated time of completion, vegetation, campsite and water source locations and requirements on skill and equipments. National parks authorities are also a good source of first-hand information.

3. Take weather conditions seriously. Check weather forecasts BEFORE heading out. You are looking forward to an adventure, not a survival mission. Optimism is good but accept the reality that weather situations can and may change - you must be ready to deal with them accordingly. Be prepared to postpone your trip if the weather is not very cooperative.

4. Pack wisely. Take only the necessary gears with the least amount of weight.
a. Consider bringing items that are multi-functional over gears that can be used only for one-specific task.
b. Avoid food with heavy or excessive packaging. If you really need to carry some food that is heavy, try consuming it on the the earlier part of the climb.
c. Aim for clothing that is lightweight but has good insulating power.
d. Check if there is a regular supply of water along the way. This may minimize the water weight you need to carry for the duration of the hike.