The 4x4 vehicles

They may not look very comfortable nor brand new, but you will thank having them coming from the  day's trek. These wheeled monsters, together with their able drivers, traverse the canyons almost everyday. They know the terrain's temper, its mood swings and most importantly how to woo it to make the ride as comfortable and as safe as possible. They come equipped with mandatory 2-way radios, ropes and shovels for emergency purposes.

Currently, there are about sixty-five units of 4x4 vehicles. Considering the high volume of people visiting Mt. Pinatubo every day (especially on weekends), making a reservation is highly suggested to avoid any inconvenience on the day of the tour*.
TRIPinas provides this service to all of its clients so they need not worry about not having a vehicle on-site.

*Several untoward incidents in the past involving private 4x4 vehicles have led the local tourism office and PAF to ban them from crossing the Crow Valley to avoid similar accidents from happening again.

pinatubo 4x4

Mt pinatubo jeeps

riding a 4x4 on pinatubo canyon

transportation to mount pinatubo crater